The criminal justice system in Nigeria now allows provision of bondsmen and recognisance service as a commercial business to individuals or entities duly licensed by the Chief Judge of State High courts, Federal High Courts and FCT High Court.

This innovation was first introduced in Lagos State under the Administration of Criminal Justice (Repeal and Re-Enactment) Law 2015 (ACJL). Section 138 of ACJL 2015 here give power to the Chief Judge of the state to make regulation for registering and licensing individuals or corporate bodies to act as bondsperson within the jurisdiction of the court in which they are registered. Jurisdiction in the sense will generally refer to the whole of Lagos State but this may be varied in a specific license granted to a bondsperson. Similar provision for regulation of bail and recognisance in criminal trials at the Federal High Court and High Court of the Federal Capital Territory can be found in Section 187 Administration of Criminal Justice Act 2015 here. The regulations in respect of Lagos State have since been issued for registration and licensing.

Paralex is a licensed corporate bondsperson in Lagos State as a pilot project in Category A which has operationalised the program and as other courts roll out this program, we intend to extend our services to them. There are pending applications to license to Federal High Court, High Court of the Federal Capital Territory etc. in addition, states that do not have regulations have practice directions allowing licensed bondspersons to be considered as surety for admittance of accused/defendant to bail. In addition to bail pending trial, this service can be rendered for administrative bail to suspects undergoing criminal investigations pending their being charged to court.

To engage Paralex as a bondsperson, there is a formal application which can be downloaded and electronically completed and submitted online here. Upon submission, Paralex will evaluate to determine whether it is able to accept the application. If the review is positive, applicants will be advised of fees and other terms to be satisfied. This will normally take 24 – 48 hours. A successful applicant will receive electronically generated and notarised bail bond which will be addressed to the court or agency considering admittance of the defendant/accused person to bail. Where required, a hardcopy may be delivered to the applicant or his/her nominated representative. The bail bond will become effective once it is accepted by the authority granting bail to the defendant/accused person, and all the terms of agreement regarding duration, revocation or expiry shall apply as contained in download or fill document now.

Applicant should note that all information supplied by them specifically requested by Paralex are regarded as material and honestly provided to support evaluation and decisions to provide bail bond.
Any misrepresentation or misstatement found to have been made to falsely induce acceptance of the bail bond application will entitle Paralex to seek its discharge and press appropriate criminal charges.

This service attracts fees calculated based on the amount of recognisance imposed by the bail granting authority.

Kindly note that additional charges apply to physical submission of your application document.

Fast track application:

Your application under our fast track system takes the same working day for your application to be determined at an additional fee once your conditions have been satisfied.

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