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At Paralex Logistics, we leverage on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to carry out business as a Paralegal and a Logistics service platform. We render a broad range of services across Nigeria and beyond, such as offering interested end users access to legal services from accredited lawyers and law firms, communication services and we serve as a trusted link to regulatory, administrative and other institutional government and private entities, newsletter services etc. With our cloud services, our end users can work on documents from different devices picking up from where they left off.

We are here for you and we are committed to ensuring you are satisfied with our services.


We are dedicated to ensuring that persons in Nigeria both natural and corporate have access to legal assistance, paralegal support services, with a view to getting value for money and enhancing access to logistics of legal processes through the use of cutting edge Information Technology Solutions.


We believe in team work and that is why we work with Lawyers, Engineers and Software Developers to ensure that we deliver the best service to our users. Our legal contents and documents are written and drafted by our in-house team of expert lawyers with years of experience in legal practice. Our software is created and managed by a world-class development team.

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