Want to host a web seminar? Paralex has got your back.
Host webinars on our platform for an affordable fee. Your hosts and attendees need not be in the same region. As long as you have A good internet coverage, your webinars hosted on Paralex can be attended by persons from all over the globe.

We understand that some hosts may wish to share souvenirs and gifts to webinar attendees, and we have made this easy by using our logistics service to deliver packages to your webinar attendees either before, during or after the webinar.

Paralex Webinar allows you to host webinars with up to 10,000 attendees. You can share documents with attendees while the webinar is on-going thanks to our ‘Real-time document’ uploader. We have worked with software engineers, developers and architects to ensure that webinars hosted on our platform are safe and free from hackers.

If you want to stream your webinar live, we can do that for you, simply choose the plan you want or contact our customer service personnel to set up your webinar and tailor it to your needs.

Our webinar application is hosted on a dedicated high volume data backbone internet access with leading telecom service providers to ensure 24/7 seamless access. While enjoying Paralex webinar application, down time or disconnection owing to exhaustion of individual data credit has been addressed and controlled using our unique data loan software; users will also enjoy instantaneous data access cut over for up to 30 minutes on Paralex data account, to provide them a window to recharge their account without losing connection. This is subject to reimbursement of Paralex for the borrowed data upon recharge.

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